Abbreviated Tax Guide
BASA/FASA Legislation
Chapter 489, Part II Florida Statutes
Chapter 61G6, Florida Administrative Code
Consumer Complaint Form (on-line) general complaint form
DBPR Complaint Form
DBPR License Check Is that company/individual license current and valid?
DBPR Unlicensed Activity Offices
Doing Business in Florida
ECLBOn-Line (Electrical Contractors Licensing Board)
FDLE Agencies Listings
FDLE Background Check

FL Dept. of Revenue(Sales Tax)

Florida Fire Prevention Code Click on the Link and go to chapter 69A-3; please note 4A-3 is now 69A-3 & 4A-48 is now 69A-48
Florida Police Agencies OnLine
Florida Prompt Payment Act
Florida State Statutes
Gateway to all Florida Statutes
Jessica Lunsford Act - Technical Assistance Paper Background checks required if working with schools
Local Jurisdictions’ Authority Over Certified Contractors
Local Occupational License Taxes
New Hire Reporting Center You are now required to report new hires
Palm Beach County Municipality Listing
Registering Your Local License
Residential Swimming Pool Safety Act
Sales and Use Tax on Detective, Burglar Protection, and Other Protection Services Sales Tax information
Sales Tax Ruling on Detective, Burglar Protection and Other Protection Services Sales Tax information Ruling
So. Florida Building Code Changes